Quick Hit: Finisterre teams up with the RNLI to create a limited edition collection

It looks good, it's practical, and 10-percent of profits go to charity

Finisterre has collaborated with the RNLI to release a limited edition collection of clothing and accessories.

Based on a shared love and respect for the sea, and with access to the RNLI archive, the collection pays homage to the origins of both Finisterre and the RNLI, as well as their shared environmental stance.

Designs take inspiration from fisherman inspired knitwear and beanies, while the waterproof jackets are 100% recycled and FC-free. 

You can check out some of the collection below, modelled by RNLI volunteers:

Finisterre founder, Tom Kay, has been a part of the RNLI for more than fifteen years:

"The RNLI + Finisterre Collaboration means a lot to me personally, and to work with the RNLI on this limited edition range was a big moment for us.

The resulting product embodies our shared love and respect for the ocean, a seafaring heritage and the hardiness of the human spirit."

The collection went of sale today, with prices starting at £10, with 10% of sales from the range being donated to the RNLI.

You can find the pieces on Finisterre's website.