PSVR 2 "future proof" upgrades could include finger tracking like Valve Index

Sony has promised a new PSVR experience for the PS5 along with a brand new controller, and this could be it

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Sony has already confirmed that a new PSVR headset is on the way specifically designed to take advantage of the leap in technology the PS5 has ushered in, and while it kept the details brief, it did mention a new PSVR controller, that may have just been revealed in a patent.

As well as the news of the PSVR 2 operating via a single cord (which isn't good enough for T3's Matt Bolton who champions wireless VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2), Sony mentioned a new controller which utilises some of the PS5's DualSense features, and is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, and packed with future-proof technology.

The patent (via was published back in November, and looks like a promising candidate for the PSVR 2 controller. It looks markedly different to the PS Move which was essentially a wand with a large, light-up ball on the end, but the newly-spotted patent is for a controller that looks like it means business.  

PSVR 2 controller patent

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Looking over the patent, we can spot the trigger that's no doubt been lifted from the DualSense and offers similar haptic feedback for greater immersion. But more exciting than that is the prospect of finally seeing finger-tracking roll out with the PSVR 2 controller, as the the patent mentions a thumb sensor, as well as three finger sensors. 

The Valve Index has similar functionality, with capacitive sensors for the user's middle finger, ring finger, and pinky, as well as a trigger for the index finger, and sensor to detect the thumb.   

Whatever Sony has in store, it looks like it's doubling down with VR; Microsoft tapped out on that front a while ago, saying "nobody's asking for VR" and that playing VR games is "isolating", but Sony committed to the trend, and is revamping the hardware for a truly next-gen experience that could got toe-to-toe against the best VR headsets currently available.

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