PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Key features that give Sony's PlayStation 5 the edge

Is the PS5 better than the Xbox Series X? These 5 reasons suggest Sony's PlayStation 5 will beat Xbox Series X

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Sony's PS5 seems to be on the same path to success the PS4 took with the recent PS5 reveal event showing off Sony's upcoming next-gen console and plenty of its launch year games. And, with the good news about the PS5 price, it looks like the PlayStation 5 is in a really strong position going into the next-gen console war.

While the Xbox Series X looks to bring some impressive tech to the fight, Sony is keeping Microsoft in check with an impressive line up of gorgeous looking launch titles, next generation hardware to support 4K gaming and the completely redesigned DualSense controller, among other things like some premium accessories.

The Xbox Series X does have a hill to climb this time around in terms of the size of its user base with the recent news of the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One X by over 60 million units. While this news seems to paint a bleak picture for the launch of Microsoft's next console, the Xbox Series X looks to be ready for the challenge.

Still, the PS5 seems to have quite a foothold against the Xbox Series X thanks to these awesome features:

Almost Instantaneous Load Times

PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X

The PS5's SSD features 5.5GB/s bandwidth for ultra fast load times and data processing. The PS4 hard drive was only 100MB/s!

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During Sony's Road to PS5 event earlier this year, the PS5's lead system architect Mark Cerny confirmed that the PS5 could load the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man in just 0.8 seconds. This is hugely in part to the SSD's huge 5.5GB/s of bandwidth, with the CEO recently claiming the PlayStation 5 will have data processing speeds "approximately 100 times faster than the PS4."

Stunning Next Generation Visuals 

Sony's recent PS5 reveal event gave fans a desperately need look into the graphical power of the next gen console, with truly breathtaking visuals being put on display front and center. The PlayStation 4 was home to some incredibly detailed games like The Last of Us 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn, so the PlayStation 5 looks to be following suit with some best PS5 games to enjoy in 4K!

Incredible 3D Audio Technology

PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X

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Sony's PS5 is set to feature complete 3D audio with the dedicated Tempest Engine, a modified AMD GPU set to process the PlayStation 5 audio data for the most immersive sound possible. The feature will work with TV speakers and standard home audio setups, but is ideal for high-end headsets and headphones.

Game Changing DualSense Controller

Sony pulled out all the stops with the redesign of their beloved DualShock 4 controller, with the new DualSense controller set to be the next big leap in Sony's controller line up. With incredible features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, USB-C, built-in microphone and built-in rechargeable battery, Sony's DualSense controller may just be the next go-to gaming pad come later this year.

Total Immersion with Playstation VR

PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation VR opened up a whole new world of possibilities for developers, adding new layers of player interaction and control never seen on a home console. The PS5 looks to be taking PlayStation VR 2 to the next level, adding intricate motion control and load of enhancements including improved display, ergonomics and more.

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