Sony has finally given me the PS5 update I've wanted for Discord

New PlayStation 5 update also improves VRR support up to 1440p

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It feels like PlayStation 5 updates are arriving more frequently these days, but the latest one from Sony surrounding Discord integration is well worth discussing.

While Discord was finally made available on PS5 and PS4 in February 2022, the latest update lets you join Discord calls straight from your console. This is rolling out globally now and is available to all users. It's especially useful for playing different games with friends, be that on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, and is exactly the feature I needed to make me use Discord more often. 

The announcement was made via an official PS Blog, which was first uploaded in February this year, but has now been updated with the latest details regarding the worldwide release of Discord integration on PlayStation. It will now save you the hassle of having to use your phone as a speaker, instead of just using the PS5 as it should have been from day one. 

To set up Discord on your PS5, you first need to boot up the Discord app and add PlayStation Network to your connections (found on the sidebar). From here, sign in with your PlayStation Network account details, and then you're all connected. Just hit "Join on PlayStation" in any voice channel or group DM then choose your PS5. This will now be available in your audio settings on the console.

The below video demonstrates the full process:

It's also noted that if you linked your PS account with Discord in the past to display what game you were playing, you will need to do it again to accept the new permissions. If, however, you did this during the recent system software beta, then no further linking is required. 

Alongside this, it was confirmed that VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support has been improved for 1440p resolution with further monitors now enabled for the feature. To check if your HDMI device is compatible, go to Settings then Screen and Video, then Video Output, and lastly, Test 1440p Output. We previously detailed why VRR support is such a big deal for PS5, following its announcement in March 2022. 

A number of further quality-of-life updates have been added too, such as better voice command for those in the US and UK as well as a new "Friends Who Play" tile, allowing you to see what friends have the same game you're playing and whether they're online now. Another personal favorite of mine is the ability to update PS5 DualSense controllers wirelessly. Yes! No need to search endlessly for the wire or leave the comfort of the sofa. What a win. 

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