I'm a PS5 SSD expert and this Prime Day in October deal delivers top storage cheap

Grab a brilliant PS5 SSD for cheap now in the Prime Day in October Black Friday sale

PS5 SSD Samsung 980 PRO Heatsink
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If you head on over right now to T3's best PS5 SSD buying guide you'll see two things. Firstly, you'll see me as the author of the guide. And, secondly, you'll see the Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with Heatsink.

This is why I'm a PS5 expert, and this is why this Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with Heatsink offer is the best Prime Day deal on PlayStation 5 storage you can buy today.

View the Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with Heatsink PS5 SSD deal at Amazon

It's so good as it cuts 32% off the price of the 980 Pro, taking its price down to £97.99 from £143.99. A quick check on the price tracking website camelcamelcamel also reveals this is the cheapest this drive has ever been at Amazon.

If you're a PS5 gamer, this drive really does deliver a great package. You get a read and write speed that is faster than that delivered by the PS5's own internal storage and, neatly, this model comes with a heatsink pre-installed, meaning all you need to do is slot it in the PS5 and start filling it with games.

By buying this PS5 SSD you will inject a load more storage into your console for games, movies, music, screenshots and more, and you won't have to worry about sourcing a third-party heatsink, either. Plug and play.

Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with Heatsink: £143.79 £97.99 at Amazon

Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with Heatsink: £143.79 £97.99 at Amazon

SAVE £45.80 – This is the perfect sweet spot for PS5 gamers in my opinion in terms of extra storage, with an extra 1TB of space made available for under a hundred notes. Crucially, this drive also comes with a heatsink pre-installed, meaning no extra work or expense – just plug it in and get gaming.

Wondering how easy it is to install a third-party SSD in your PS5? Well, luckily for you I've crafted a brilliant step-by-step PS5 SSD video installation guide, which shows just how easy it is.

Honestly, for a drive like this, with heatsink pre-attached, all you have to do is take off the face plates of your PlayStation 5, unscrew and single screw, slot the drive into the storage expansion bay, and then re-assemble.

The new PS5 SSD will then be discovered immediately when you turn the console back on and, after a quick format, will show up as ready-to-use extra storage. I myself have installed numerous drives while testing them for T3.com and it really is a simple procedure.

The benefits of extra PS5 SSD storage space

This is really obvious but, still, shouldn't be overlooked. With 1TB of extra storage space in your PS5 console you're going to be able to install a bunch more games. Even the largest AAA titles today don't tend to stretch over 100GB, so you're looking at a minimum of 10 extra games and, in reality, you're probably looking at extra storage for going on 30 titles.

Obviously, movies, screenshots, in-game videos, music and more can also be stored on the drive, and unlike external drives that have far slower read and write speeds, anything placed on this NVMe SSD is going to load instantaneously.

The PS5 didn't have enough storage space for most gamers out of the box, so adding more in makes perfect sense. There's four main sizes of PS5 SSD in terms of capacity, including a 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. In my opinion as someone who has tested a load of these drives, 500GB is too little extra space (and often this capacity actually has lower read and write speeds), while 4TB overkill.

I'd recommend most gamers therefore buy a 1TB or 2TB PS5 SSD, but without doubt the former is the smartest option considering price, and especially so now this drive is discounted in the Amazon Prime Day in October Early Access Sale.

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