PS5 reveal event date just got leaked as Sony prepares to take on Xbox

We're looking at a June PS5 reveal, according to this brand new leak

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We've seen the controller, so it's only a matter of time before we get a good look at the console. The PS5 is on the way, and according to some leakers a wealth of PS5 information will be revealed "much earlier" than expected. Doubtless, some pressure has been put on  by incoming Xbox Series X reveals: Microsoft head of Xbox Phil Spencer has told us, via Twitter, a preview of Series X launch games is on the horizon. 

As Xbox Series X has dominated the conversation up until now, the PS5 needs to arrive with a bang, and it needs to happen soon. Which is why gamers have become so excited at the prospect of a PS5 reveal happening in the next couple of months. 

On a PS5 resetera forum, GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb has revealed the PS5 event is "currently planned for" June 4.  That's around five weeks away.

It's certainly plausible this was the plan all along: Sony was going to skip E3 2020, which was scheduled to take place from June 9. To debut the console a week before the world's biggest gaming convention would certainly take the wind out of Microsoft's sails, which had planned a series of panels to reveal more about the Xbox Series X. 

If Grubb's sources are accurate, the console wars will kick off in full force over the summer, as more next-generation launch titles are revealed and the marketing by Sony and Microsoft ramps up ahead of their "Holiday 2020" release windows. 

What do we already know about the PS5?

Surprisingly, quite a lot. Although we don't know what the PS5 console looks like, we have seen the controller. The PS5 DualSense, the next-generation DualShock replacement, is stuffed with new technology. Triggers with haptic feedback provide different levels of resistance for different in-game tasks, while the new "Create" function and the controller's in-built microphone look set to usher in a new generation of social gaming.

Elsewhere, a tech-heavy presentation by lead system architect Mark Cerny showed off the PS5's innards. He took us through the PS5's massive solid-state drive, which will eliminate loading times and ponderous "fast-travel" delays. It will also allow new kinds of levels to be generated, levels without "corridors" to disguise loading the next set of environments, creating open worlds like never before. 


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We're also aware of a few PS5 games already set to land, including looter-slasher Godfall (above), Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, RPG co-op shooter Outriders and Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters. 

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