HUGE PS5 info blowout coming soon to put Xbox Series X on notice

Finally! New information means Sony looks set for a big PS5 console reveal in May

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5
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It's what everyone's waiting for. The PS5, despite a technical presentation aimed at developers, is still largely a mystery: although we've seen the controller and know a lot about the console's internal specifications, we've not yet seen what it can do or what it looks like. 

The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, had followed a steady but comprehensive reveal schedule. First showing us what the console looks like, along with some trailer footage, in a reveal at last year's Game Awards, Microsoft has been dropping tidbits of information regularly, dominating the console news cycle.

However, PS5 might finally be in a position to fight back, as several leaks suggest the Sony team have big reveals lined up for us over the next two months.

Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad recently tweeted about the state of the games industry now E3 (and all subsequent events) have been officially cancelled due to the ongoing health crisis. Ahmad believes some "next-gen console reveals" aka, the PS5, will be "much earlier" than anticipated. Check out the tweet below:

Now, it's worth noting Sony were never going to be at E3 anyway. However, with so many third-party games developers anxious to show off what they've been creating, we find it hard to believe that if circumstances were different, Sony wouldn't have organised an independent console reveal before the event. 

This would have opened the doors for next-gen games to be showcased at the event, and put Microsoft on the back foot. WIth E3 gone, the games industry is now staggering its reveals across the late spring/early summer months, and you can bet Sony wants to dominate the conversation. 

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5

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A second piece of info gives the idea of a PS5 May reveal much more weight: Official PlayStation Magazine's July issue, set to be released on June 2, has teased a gargantuan PS5 games expose with a simple ad in its digital edition. Here's an animated version:

As more information begins to trickle in, the pressure for Sony to provide some sort of big reveal is overwhelming. At the time of the magazine's release, it will be around six months until the console's "Holiday 2020" release window really kicks off in earnest, and Sony will need to start generating some hype if it hopes to match the Xbox Series X sale-for-sale. 

Watch this space for further news on a PS5 May reveal. 

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