PS5 restock isn't over! More consoles dropping at GAME in second wave

A huge PS5 stock drop is happening at retailers this week, and if you missed out, you'll get another chance this afternoon

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5
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Sony has been on the ball with its PS5 restock over the past few weeks, and the last few days have been no exception with retailers in the US and UK dropping inventory all over the place. If you missed the wave this morning, don't fret; there'll be another chance to try your luck this afternoon.

If you've bookmarked our PS5 stock tracker you'll know that Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon are about to serve up more PS5 stock, while in the UK, GAME is reportedly set to drop 15,000 PS5 consoles today. It already unleashed the first wave this morning just before 10AM, but PS5 stock tracking accounts on Twitter are saying we're in for a second one.

Shortly after GAME sold out – which didn't take long – PS5StockAlertUK tweeted out that the retailer is having a second PS5 restock at 12.45pm today. It has a somewhat frustrating queue system, so we recommend setting up an account and payment details beforehand so you can get through the checkout process with as minimal fuss as possible. 

It's worth remembering that the PS5 isn't region locked, making retailers like Amazon, who ship internationally, a great place to pick one up. Otherwise, you're looking at shipping forwarders, hiked up delivery prices, or friends and family in the region of the retailer to help you out. Given the scarcity of the PS5, and the demand to get one, if you can find a workaround we suggest keeping an eye on PS5 stock drops across regions.

PS5 scalpers and bots are still an issue, although as we see more stock roll out, their position is becoming a precarious one; savvy shoppers have resisted the urge to buy from resellers, and with more PS5 stock rolling out, scalpers are going to be left sitting on stock they can't shift at the extortionate prices they're trying to slap on the console.  

If the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are more your speed, you can head over to our Xbox Series X stock tracker for info on when Microsoft's console becomes available.  

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