PS5 restock: here's why I'm checking Argos today

Argos has been stocking up on PlayStation 5 stock for days now

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Update: As predicted, Argos has confirmed that it will go live with PS5 stock today. Head on over to the Argos website to claim a console from 8AM UK time. This is a fantastic opportunity to walk away with a console in time for Christmas

Check PS5 stock for Argos now

While stock is available for purchase both online (click and collect) and in-store, we highly recommend stopping by your local store as soon as possible to be in with the best chance. Alternatively, go through Argos mobile app to skip queues where possible. Best of luck!

Original Story: The hunt for a PlayStation 5 continues. Unlike most days, though, this day could be just ve the very day you've been waiting for, as it holds a fantastic opportunity to bag a console in time for Christmas. Why today in particular? Well, because Argos is highly likely to go live with its next big batch of stock. 

Argos stores across the country have been receiving shipments of stock over the past few days, all building up to an inevitable restock. It's expected that whenever this restock does go live that it will offer up both disc and digital PS5 consoles. Next to GAME and ShopTo, Argos is arguably the best place on the market to secure one, so this won't be one to miss.

News of an Argos restock first made its way to the web courtesy of PS5 Stock UK account earlier this week, and today is seen as the most viable date from our experience and if previous patterns/trends are to be believed.

The last restock for Argos took place on November 18th, bringing about the store's biggest stock drop since the PS5 launched. We saw countless people find success by visiting their local stores and walking away with the console in hand. A beautiful sight to be sure, after the constant disappointment that many endured over the last 13 months. 

If we give you one major tip for today, it's please drop by your local Argos store. Sometimes these drops are unannounced, so there's the chance they might have the consoles ready to go but not advertising them online yet. That said, it's still worth checking in what stores are local to you and whether a restock has happened yet.

If the PS5 shopping occasion doesn't arrive today (we'll keep you updated), it's expected sometime between December 14th to 17th, going off the reliable tracker's information. Better still, GAME is possibly due to a restock today as well. It could be one of the best days for restocks in recent history. Stay on top of the latest details by heading to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker.  

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