GAME PS5 restock now live! [update: now sold out]

PS5 consoles are available to order right now GAME

GAME PS5 restock
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Update: Well, that's that folks. All PS5 consoles have now been sold.

Original story now continues...

GAME's latest PS5 restock is now available, with disc and digital consoles on sale as well as console, game and accessory bundles.

Buy PS5 now at GAME

The PS5 consoles and bundles are available to order now for a release date of 25 March, 2022, which is about a week and a half away right now.

We're seeing some volatility in terms of which products are being shown as available from minute to minute. The best bet to secure a console seems to be opting for a bundle, with consistently able to add them to cart and carry through to checkout. The same cannot be said for the console only package, or some of the smaller bundles.

PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital consoles can be bought on there own, however, some of the most attractive packages actually look like the bundles, which include a console, extra controller (in the neat red colourway), and top new games like Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon: Forbidden West.

PS5 restock at GAME

A selection of the PS5 console bundles available right now at GAME.

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This GAME PS5 restock already looks like this week's best chance of bagging a PS5 console. We've seen EE offer PS5 consoles to its customers recently, although you of course have to be an EE customer for that, while Very and Smyths have also dropped consoles but not in massive numbers.

This GAME PS5 restock therefore looks like our best bet this week to bag a console. GAME stocks tend to last a decent amount of time before running out, however, we'd advise those interested to get moving ASAP as the retailer runs a queuing system and it is best to get in it early.

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