PS5 news: Remaster of awesome PlayStation 4 classic leaked

This much-loved PS4 classic is getting a full-on PS5 remaster

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If Sony’s original plans had gone ahead, we’d know a whole lot more about the PS5 right now. And while a new date is still to be arranged for the PS5 games showcase, a couple of rumors have sprung up outlining one thing that we might have shown in happier times: a Bloodborne remaster for PlayStation 5.

Yes, From Software’s PS4-exclusive masterpiece might just be getting a remaster. And the news has been excitedly met by fans, looking forward to improved graphics, a higher frame rate and an end to those laboriously long loading screens. 

Word of a possible remaster comes from streamer @CaseyExplosion via a “trusted source”. Not only would the remaster emerge on PS5, but on PC too – a nice treat for players currently stuck playing the game via PlayStation Now for Windows. PlayStation games on PC aren’t completely unheard of, with Detroit: Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding all confirmed as coming to Windows 10 this year. 

Backing up the rumor was @wario64, who went a step further, amplifying a video from a relatively obscure YouTube channel which offers a few more key details. 

For those who can’t watch a video right now, the key points are as follows: the game will apparently run at 4K and at 60fps, but will otherwise remain unchanged – it’s a remaster, not a remake after all. Development duties have reportedly been passed out to Bluepoint Games (the devs behind the PS4 remakes of Uncharted and Gravity Rush) and QLOC, which recently remastered From Software’s Dark Souls for PS4 and Xbox One.

The video closes with a rumor that’s possibly even more appealing: a Demon's Souls remake, due to be a PS5 exclusive.

But can these reports be trusted? There’s very little concrete information to go on, after all, and not everyone is convinced. “Sadly, I’ve been shown a screenshots [sic.] where the creator of this video confirms that it is without merit and just to get in on the recent attention,” tweets Bloodborne specialist Lance McDonald. “I have also been shown the original source of the recent flurry of rumours and I personally believe it is without merit, but it's okay if others choose to believe it,” he added.

So, who to believe? We know that From Software isn’t averse to remastering games after Dark Souls, but that was for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Remastering two games for a console without an install base does feel a bit of a stretch, but then Sony does also have deep pockets – if it wants something enough, it’ll get it.

The good news is we shouldn’t have too long to wait to find out either way. If this really was due to be revealed at the PS5 launch event, then it’s likely we’ll know one way or another very soon, when the big unveil is officially rescheduled.