PS5 news: Developer says DualSense could be best controller in history

Dying Light 2 developer says PS5 gamepad is perfect for "the sci-fi times we already live in"

PS5 DualSense
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Although the PS5 console has yet to be officially revealed, we have gotten a good look at the new DualSense controller, and it's a doozy. Although the Xbox Series X will come with a fairly simple update of the Xbox One controllers, along the lines of the Elite series 2, the PS5's DualSense is stuffed with new technology. 

For example, its much-touted haptic feedback technology.  The DualSense controllers have "adaptive triggers" that will create resistance according to the in-game task being performed. 

One example given was driving offroad through mud, and how the controller will behave differently if driving on a straight road. Other new features include the "Create" function, which is an evolution of the PS4's "Share" button. 

We're not sure what the Create button will involve exactly, but in an era of social gaming, we can hazard a guess: we believe it will allow gamers to snag screenshots, record, edit and stream footage easier than ever.


Games such as Godfall will be played with the PS5's DualSense

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It's no wonder games industry veterans are excited about this new technology. We've chronicled some industry reactions to the DualSense before, but another voice has jumped into the debate. 

News outlet PushSquare spoke to Dying Light 2 developer Techland's lead game designer, Tymon Smektala, who had a few things to say about the possibilities of the DualSense. 

"I absolutely love it. It's an amazing design, as futuristic as we should expect in 2020 - the sci-fi times we already live in. As for the shape, we need to see how it will fit in the hands, but looking at it I get very good vibes - I think it has a chance to be one of the best in history, just big enough but neat & funky at the same time."

PS5 DualSense

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"I also think that the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers can be real game-changers, way more than people expect right now. I'm curious about the overall sturdiness of the thing. It looks so sleek I wonder if it will survive accidental falls and rage quits. But all in all, even though I know the initial opinions were varied, for me it's absolutely fantastic."

It's no wonder those triggers gain special mention by Smektala. Rather than a redesign for the sake of it, using triggers that change according to in-game tasks help the controller incorporate the sense of touch into the immersive nature of game-playing, as well as sight and sound. 

The gamepad is the main way we interact with the in-game world, so invoking an addition sense may give PS5 the edge over its Microsoft rival. The Xbox Series X may be technically more powerful, but the PS5 could be on-track to provide a more immersive gaming experience. 

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