PS5 hint in free Sony Xmas gift sparks gamers to get hype on Twitter

"Did PlayStation just low key announce the PS5?"

PS5 PlayStation 5

For loyal PlayStation gamers eagerly awaiting the release of the PS5, Christmas may have just come early, with a PS4 gamer discovering an interesting detail in Sony's free 2018 winter holiday theme that, excitedly, could tease an incoming PlayStation 5 official announcement.

The gamer in question discovered that upon installing the free holiday theme that there was a little detail in it hiding in plain sight that really stood out to him. Writing on Twitter, Mike Peterson explained his find:

It seems that how the "S" in the word "Holidays" and "PlayStation" in the theme is styled differently. While the S in Holidays looks normal, the S in PlayStation actually looks just like the number 5 instead. 

And, once seen, it can't be unseen. It really does look like it says "Play5tation". A number 5 contained within the word PlayStation? No wonder Peterson got excited. 

Here is a video showing the holiday theme in action:

Naturally, with Sony's own Shawn Layden recently cryptically responding to a PlayStation gamer's query about Sony having "good things on the horizon" with the comment "See you in the new year", this spot soon got other PlayStation gamers adding in their opinion on whether it really was a PS5 teaser reveal for an impending PlayStation 5 console announcement.

Of course, as was pointed out by Twitter user rivsrivers, the 5 could actually have nothing to do with the PlayStation 5 and actually be a nod to the fact that this Christmas is technically the 5th holiday season of the PS4 being on sale.

Whether or not this actually is a teaser reveal for the PS5, which is slated for a dramatic reveal next year, or simply a nod to the PS4's heritage since 2013 remains to be seen right now. One thing is for sure, though, if you're a PlayStation 4 gamer then you, at the very least, just got a stylish new dynamic theme for free.

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