PS5 and Xbox Two set for "more performance, more memory, faster loading times"

Gaming CEO René Nold reveals what he wants to see from the PS5 and the Xbox Two

PS5 Xbox Two

We know the PS5, Sony's next PlayStation, is incoming. And, despite what CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera said in the run up to E3 2018, it's looking like the new console could launch sooner than anyone in the industry expects.

Why? Simple. Sony wants to beat Microsoft's Xbox Two console (codenamed Xbox Scarlett) to market, with a super-powered PlayStation console that, along with a much-rumoured new PlayStation Portable 5G, have been designed with just one mission to complete.

That mission? To absolutely blow the next Xbox Two console (and entire Scarlett gaming platform) away and claim a glorious second generational victory in a row for the Japanese maker.

The PS5 looks like it is going to be well placed to do that, with Sony reportedly having a potentially console war-winning secret weapon in it armoury: AMD's advanced Navi graphic tech built specifically for the console.

Microsoft isn't picking up the smoking remains of its Xbox Two console just yet, though, with the American console maker reportedly stuffing its system with 5 features that will have Sony very worried.

What we should expect, then, from the finished PS5 and Xbox Two is still very much up for debate. But, if comments made recently by René Nold, CEO of games maker weltenbauer. SE GmbH, to GamingBolt have any weight, we should soon be watching an absolute firecracker of next-gen console scrap playing out.

Asked what he would like to see in the next Xbox (which is frequently referred to in the gaming press as the Xbox Two) as well as in PS5 consoles, René said that he wanted, “more performance, more memory, faster loading times”.

Sony PS5 Xbox Two

Which console will win the next-gen console war? Will it be Microsoft's next Xbox, the Xbox Two (codenamed Xbox Scarlett), or will it be Sony's PS5? Image credit: Joseph Dumary

Will René's wish be granted? Well, it certainly looks like it could, with the PS5's advanced Navi tech reportedly already in production, and some crazy-fast pixel pushing chips headed to the next Xbox, too.

In the Redmond corner, Microsoft looks set to be priming a PS5 counterpunch of its very own, with a flagship Xbox Two and more affordable streaming-focused console reportedly to be released under the Scarlett platform.

One thing René's comments do seem to hint at for sure, though, is that it is not just us gamers that want powerful new hardware capable of delivering truly awe-inspiring next-gen gaming experiences, it is the game makers themselves as well, no doubt chomping at the bit to see their creativity enabled by powerful new hardware.

Roll on 2019, where hopefully we will learn a lot more about both the PS5 and Xbox Two.

Lead image credit: Joseph Dumary 

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