PS5 accessory leak gives best hint yet at when PlayStation 5 will launch

This is when accessories for the PS5 are arriving, indicating the PlayStation 5 console will launch around the same time

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(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 is coming, we all know that. However, today's big piece of PS5 news is about some of the third-party accessories that'll be coming for your next-gen fun-box.

Better yet, they're planning to launch on November 3, according to use Reddit user, which could indicate we'll be seeing the PS5 sooner than you think.

Tom's Guide has spoken to Barron-Blade, a prominent Reddit user that works for a "certain hated video game retail chain." and has said that the store's system has received listings for a number of third-party PS5 accessories. The original story suggests that Barron-Blade is based in Canada. While we've been unable to contact him, his account seems to be in fairly good standing.

The list of peripherals is fairly standard: a stand, a magnetic controller dock, a magnetic play and charge cable, controller grips and even a USB-C glow cable… whatever that is. There's no news on the manufacturer, but these are all available for the PS4 and Xbox One already,

These accessories, as mentioned above, are cited to land on November 3. Currently, the PS5 is expected to launch in mid to late November, but this offers three different options: firstly, the PlayStation 5 launch earlier than expected, early in November. The second option is that this date is a placeholder, as supply chains and release dates for big bits of kit are usually fluid, especially so when there are potential supply chain issues, and as you might imagine, rolling worldwide quarantine and a pandemic can really put a dent into the supply chain. The final possibility, perhaps the most likely, is just that the accessories are hoping to launch before the consoles themselves: the same thing happened with the PS4, so it wouldn't be too unusual.

The release date, November 3, is also intriguing, as the PS5 will probably hit shelves in mid or late November, judging by previous console release dates. As such, this could mean a few different things. The first is that the PS5 — and all of its associated accessories — could come out earlier than anticipated. It could also mean that the accessories will come out before the console, which is not unprecedented. The same thing happened with the PS4.

Officially, Sony has announced a launch date of Holiday 2020, and now that we're in July it's in this half of the year. However, expect them to confirm a more solid release date over the next couple of months.