Prime Day board games deals: save on Disney Villainous, Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito and more

Save over 40% on board games and puzzles at Amazon UK

With winter and the prospect of more lockdowns looming, this is going to be a big year for board games. So it's no surprise that lots of people are hunting for tabletop games among the best Prime Day deals. And they will find that Amazon has delivered – these are perfect gifts, or for playing right away!

Save over 40% on a range of board games & puzzles at Amazon UK
Save 37% on Disney Villainous board game at Amazon UK – now £21.99
Save 46% on Operation at Amazon UK – now £11.89
Save 20% on Don't Get Got – now £15.99
Save 32% on Throw Throw Burrito at Amazon UK – now £16.99

Now we've also got our list of what we rate as the 20 best board games, but there are some really cheap board games going here that will be tons of fun. The list is crammed with family-friendly games too, suitable for all ages, so they'll be great no matter who you're playing with.

We've also got our picks of the best cheap board games, best board games for kids, and the best new board games.

Here's some more info on the above games available at Amazon UK:

Disney Villainous board game | Save 37% | Now £21.99
Who wants to be the good guy? In this game, each player is a different famous Disney villain, each trying to complete their unique evil scheme before the others. You're all playing the same game, and can throw spanners into each other's plans, but you play it a little differently depending on which villain you play as, giving the game a huge amount of variety when you replay it. It's an amazing gift for board game lovers and/or Disney fans. And the expansion with more villains to play as is also on sale!View Deal

Operation | Save 46% | Now £11.89 at Amazon UK
It's the classic! For very cheap! Test your nerves and your steady hand.View Deal

Don't Get Got | Save 20% | Now £15.99
This is one of the best party games in years! Everyone gets a little wallet of 'secret missions', drawn from a huge range the game comes with. They task you with achieving something, often involving other people, such as getting them to compliment your hair. But if they correctly guess that you're nudging them to do something as part of the game, then you fail that mission! It's perfect for long days in with the family over Christmas.View Deal

Throw Throw Burrito | Save 32% | Now £16.99 at Amazon UK
One of the surprise hits of the last year, this mixes a card game with Dodgeball. Collect sets of cards, but you can also play cards that will cause a throwing fight with the included soft burritos. It is as silly as it sounds.View Deal

Exploding Kittens | Save 44% | Now £11.19 at Amazon
This has been wildly popular for years, giving you a fun, fast card game with the give and take of something like Uno, but with even more weirdness and a very, very silly theme.View Deal

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