Don't wait for the Boxing Day sales, right now Emma mattress is the cheapest it has EVER been

Flash sale ends soon! Here's the exclusive code you need to claim 41% off

Emma Flash sale
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For a limited time, there's 41% off at Emma mattress with the code T41. This is the best Emma mattress discount code we've seen all year, and in fact the lowest price ever from this excellent mattress company. This flash sale is a bit of an unexpected move, falling between Black Friday (which saw a 35% discount in the UK) and the Boxing Day sales. But we're not complaining.

The code is exclusive to T3 readers (everyone else gets 40% off, which is good, but not quite as good), and valid until 21 December, so you don't have long to claim. We'd wager this is the cheapest you'll find an Emma mattress at any time, so it you've been holding out, now's the time to take the plunge. The discount is valid across the full range, including our top-rated, multi award-winning Emma Original (T3's best mattress in the world right now) and any sleep accessories that take your fancy. 

UK flash sale! | 41% off at Emma UK with code T41Deal ends: 21 December 2020

UK flash sale! | 41% off at Emma UK with code T41 
The exceptionally comfortable Emma Original is our favourite mattress, offering unbeatable support and a buoyant surface. It's already stupidly good value, and one of the cheapest challenger brands around, but right now you can get a huge 41% off.
Deal ends: 21 December 2020

41% off is the best offer we've seen from Emma, and the last time we saw a discount this big was for Black Friday 2019. That was before the range got a big price-drop in mid 2020, so today's prices are considerably cheaper than they were back then. 

So what does 41% off look like? Well, you can buy a single size of the outstanding Emma mattress for just £194 (originally £329), a double for £312 (£529), and king for just £359 (£609). It's incredible value – and that’s before you even start adding in the excellent Emma pillows, mattress protector and bedding, which you also get 41% off on. If saving almost half on your purchase isn't enough, you'll also get free, no-contact delivery, and a 200 day trial period in which you can test out your purchase fully.

US deal | Save 30% sitewide with code HOLIDAYSDeal ends: 29 Dec 2020

US deal | Save 30% sitewide with code HOLIDAYS
The Emma Original combines exceptional comfort, unbeatable support and a bouncy, buoyant surface to deliver a blissful night's sleep. It's already very reasonably priced, and for a limited time you can get a massive 30% off.
Deal ends: 29 Dec 2020

The Emma Original is a medium-firm mattress with three luxurious layers of foam. It's soft but buoyant, so you won’t sink into it – and you won't be disturbed by a restless partner either. It's extremely comfortable, supportive, and has been designed to suit all body shapes and sleeping styles.

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