PS Plus is changing next year, and you could miss out on free games

Think carefully before you renew your 12 month PS Plus subscription ...

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Starting early next year, Playstation Plus subscribers will no longer receive PS3 and PS Vita titles as part of the monthly free games bundled with a membership.

Games that have been acquired over the course of your PS Plus subscription will still be available to play until your hearts content as long as you keep paying for your subscription. However, new customers will be left unable to access these titles, Sony confirmed in a recent email to subscribers.

From March 8, 2019, Playstation 3 and PS Vita games will be ditched from the rotating line-up of free games available with the PS Plus membership.

Only Playstation 4 titles will be included – meaning those who use an older console will be left without the same benefits as those who pay for a subscription and use the latest Sony home console.

The free games included with PS Plus are only available for one month, but can be played any time once they've been added to your library – as long as you hold an active membership. So, those with PS3 and PS Vita hardware should make a point of taking full advantage of the final few free titles set to launch before March 2019.

According to Sony, all other aspects of the PS Plus subscription remain unchanged.

The news isn't all-that surprising given the age of both the PS3 and PS Vita consoles, but it's nevertheless disappointing for those who continue to use the platforms but will no longer get one of the primary benefits of membership with PS Plus.

Worse still, PS3 and PS Vita owners will have to continue paying for their subscription in order to continue to access the free games they've added to their library over the course of their membership.

If you're still interested in subscribing to the membership scheme, T3 has unearthed a stellar PS Plus deal available for the 12-month membership that won't be beaten before Christmas.

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