PlayStation 6 concept designed by AI is wild

AI just predicted what PlayStation 6 will look like

PlayStation 6 concept design
(Image credit: ProtectYourBubble)

Well, it's finally happened. After just under two years from when the PlayStation 5 console launched we've just had our first concept design for the, right now, completely unofficial PlayStation 6 video game console.

And, what makes this first PlayStation 6 concept design interesting is that it was created with use of AI.

The PS6 concept, which comes courtesy of Protect Your Bubble, was made alongside designs for Nintendo Switch 2 and a console dubbed Xbox Series 6, and shows what can only be described as interesting visuals.

The AI-made PlayStation 6 console is shown off as a a floating white box with blue backlighting, while the DualSense 6 controller is shown without classic PlayStation square, triangle, circle, and X buttons. Instead, the controller is shown with dimpled grips and a minimalist control panel design.

There's something almost alien about the console and controller, with a weird bleeding of corners and details into each other. Despite this aesthetic weirdness, though, the AI does seem to have imbued the PS6 with the essence of 'PlayStation', with the system coming across like a blend of PS5 and a white PS4.

Xbox Series 6 concept design

The AI-created concept design for the 'Xbox Series 6' console.

(Image credit: ProtectYourBubble)

In terms of predicting what other future consoles could look like from Microsoft and Nintendo, the AI seemed to match this ability to infuse a particular character into the systems, with each outputted definitely looking like previous machines.

The concept design called 'Xbox Series 6' for example (as seen above), does look very clearly like an 'Xbox' console, with a Xbox One X evoking black box joined alongside a Xbox Elite Wireless Controller gamepad.

Nintendo Switch 2 concept design

The AI thought this is what Nintendo Switch 2 will look like.

(Image credit: ProtectYourBubble)

Meanwhile, the AI-created concept called 'Nintendo Switch 2' very clearly shows a Joy-Con style controller alongside a large screen with vibrant natural imagery show on it. Clearly the AI had consumed a lot of pictures of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite playing Animal Crossing.

The T3 take: AI madness but intriguing to see

It's clear that the PlayStation 6, as well as next Xbox and Nintendo consoles will not look like the systems designed here by AI.

However, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X now just about two years into their lifespan, and the Nintendo Switch 5 years into its, these designs do beg the question of what will new hardware from these makers look like.

We know, for example, that a new console seems almost certain to be incoming from the Big N shortly, while just hours ago did news break that a new PS5 model of console with detachable disc drive is thought to be incoming next year.

And, with Microsoft showing a history of mid-gen console refreshes - just look at the Xbox One S, for example - it too seems destined to launch new hardware over the next couple of years.

But what I think is safe to say is that when new hardware is released, it won't be called 'PS6', 'Xbox Series 6' and 'Nintendo Switch 2'.

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