Pixel Buds Pro 2 leak shows that Google’s keeping things colourful

Google's next generation of Pro buds could come in even more cheerful colour options

Google Pixel Buds Pro
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A new leak claims that the currently unannounced Google Pixel Buds Pro 2 will come in four colours including new Raspberry and Mojito options. Other specifications are still unknown.

One of the things we like about the Google Pixel Buds Pro is their fun colour options: in addition to staid black or white there are also fun candy colours to choose from. And a new leak shows that Google intends to stay colourful when it launches the Pixel Buds Pro 2.

The colours are slightly different than before. There's a grey colour that Google apparently calls Haze and a beige called Porcelain, and after that there's a new, pink-ish Raspberry that looks like it's made to accompany the similarly pink Pixel 9. Last but not least, there's Mojito. That appears to be a more green version of the current greenish option.

Google Pixel Buds Pro 2: what we know so far

The latest colours were leaked on X by Dylan Roussel, who stresses that "nothing about the Pixel Buds Pro 2 is final until released". And it's unclear whether these names will be the final ones (if used) or if they're just Google's internal codenames. But I'm hoping the leak is accurate, because these colours really pop in a market where all too many earbuds come in the same shades of hearing aid beige or dull black.

Other key specifications for the Pixel Buds Pro 2 have yet to be revealed; 9to5google revealed back in March that Google was working on a new version of its Pixel Buds Pro that "have been in development for some time" but didn't know any details.

We'd like the new versions to be more comfortable: our very own Mike Lowe tried the current model at launch and found them to be a little uncomfortable even after fairly short listening sessions. And we felt the ANC could be improved too, especially in the way it handles mid-to-upper frequencies. Google did issue an ANC upgrade earlier this year among some other improvements.

As we're talking about a Pro Google product here it's likely that the next Pixel Buds Pro will offer more AI integration with Google's AI. The current buds already have the AI-powered Clear Calling feature but we could see similar features to Samsung's Galaxy Buds, which can be used as the input for real time translation on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

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