Philips Hue Black Friday deal: save up to 50% at Amazon for one day only!

Get big money off Philips Hue Play and Lightstrips to create smart ambient lighting

Philips Hue Black Friday
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Philips' Hue smart lighting system is a brilliant way add some ambience to your home – using app or voice controls, you can set a nice dramatic mood for a movie, some energetic lighting for when you're working, or just a nice calm atmosphere for chilling out in the evening.

And today's great news is that the latest Amazon Black Friday deals include fantastic discounts on Philips Hue lightstrips and bars, which are perfect for spreading ambient light around your room. But these deals run out at 11.59pm on November 25th 2019 – that's one day only!

Lightstrips are flexible strips of LEDs that are idea to run behind furniture or even around corners – they come in long strips, and you just cut them to the right length. Philips Hue Play is a light bar, designed for uplighting your walls from an easily-angled source.

Philips Hue Lightstrip 3m Bundle | Was £69.99 | Now £44.99 at Amazon UK
This LED lightstrip set is ready to connect to your Philips Hue setup – you'll need a Hue Bridge. Lightstrips are flexible LED lights that you can run around corners, or under cabinets and shelves – anywhere awkward, really! This set includes the 2m base set, plus a 1m extension set, so that you can have up to 3m of continuous strip lighting. They can handle the full colour spectrum of other Philips Hue bulbs, and can be app or voice controlled.View Deal

Philips Hue Lightstrip + Smart Home Motion Sensor bundle | Was £84.99 | Now £49.99 at Amazon UK
This bundle includes a 2m Philips Hue Lightstrip, with full smart control, plus a Philips Hue Motion Sensor, which enables you tell all your Hue lights to behave a certain way when motion is sensed. This bundle is perfect for a night-time hallway set up (dim lights come on when you wander to the bathroom at 3am, for example), or somewhere like the garage. It's a great way to get two very useful Hue tools.View Deal

Philips Hue Play Double Pack + Philips Hue Lightstrip bundle | Was £157.53 | Now £99.99 at Amazon UK
This brilliant bundle lets you really trick out your rooms with soft ambient lighting. The Philips Hue Play light bars can shed light up onto your walls, while the Lightstrip can run anywhere you like. Philips Hue Play can be part of your Hue scenes and overall lighting control, or you can plug it into a computer, and it will respond to what's happening on-screen, extending the action of games or movies beyond the display. The Hue Play bars are available in white or black finishes.View Deal

Philips Hue Play 3 Pack bundle | Was £143.02 | Now £99.99 at Amazon UK
This bundle gives you three Philips Hue Play light bars to play with – use them all as part of your setup in one room, or spread them around the house – and, of course, you can still use them connected to your computer for an Ambilight-like experience.View Deal