Oppo Find N2 Flip users just got a great new music upgrade

Oppo's foldable Find N2 Flip now has a dedicated Spotify widget that lets you control playback on the front screen

Oppo Find N2 Flip review
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

As one of the best foldable phones, there are already plenty of reasons to pick up the Oppo Find N2 Flip instead of a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, but those who find themselves permanently on Spotify might just have another one. 

The music streaming service now has a widget for the phone's 3.26-inch cover display (the largest front display of any clamshell foldable) that will let users access a number of features without having to even open their device. To add the widget, Oppo Find N2 Flip users just need to activate it under “pocket player”.

While obviously it won’t have the full capacity of the Spotify app, the widget will still let you play and pause, change track and press the heart button to add a song to your liked list.  Spotify’s content recommendation will also work on the widget, so if you trust its tastes, you might never need to open your phone again. 

Oppo Find N2 Flip review

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

A lot of the playback controls are available on the best wireless earbuds – but it's nice to have the clarity that comes with a visual display and gives us a chance to appreciate album artwork, which often has a lot of work put into it.

The Spotify widget is not the only new feature coming to the Find N2 Flip. Oppo has also announced a speech-to-text quick reply feature that will work without having to unfold the phone too. You'll see your Whatsapp, Messenger and Telegram messages (among others) and be able to dictate quick written responses. This update will be installed automatically from, well, right now!

It’s great to see Oppo continuing to add features to the N2 Flip after its release and the company has committed to four years of what it calls “major device improvements.” Features like this are perfect examples of what foldable technology can do differently to traditional phones. Hopefully, the likes of Apple Music and Tidal will get their own widgets soon.

It's also great to see Oppo bolstering its offering, especially when not too long ago there were unfounded rumours of it pulling out of various markets – which would have left us heartbroken. Thankfully it was all nonsense, as Oppo is here to stay, which is great news for Android lovers and device diversity the world over. 

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