OnePlus taking a leaf out of Nothing's book with at least one new product

You can see the clear inspiration

Nothing Phone and Sampha for Glyph Composer collaboration
(Image credit: Nothing)

T.S Eliot once said that "Good writers borrow, great writers steal." and it could be said that OnePlus have taken some inspiration from another leading tech company with a new look at one of its upcoming products.

Spotted by India Today OnePlus has teased a brand new speaker in a decidedly retro way, a newspaper (remember those?). The advert was well hidden too, in the middle of the paper (by the sports section) on page 19. This product announcement is something of a shock too so well played OnePlus. Just in case you're not across all of the world's newspapers there has also now been an official Instagram confirmation of the product too with the same "The wonder of music meets the power of tech" tagline. 

Looking at the ad, it's not hard to see which element is similar to the likes of the Nothing Phone and Nothing Ear. The transparent design that Nothing is known for is (pardon the pun) clear for all to see. Of course, transparency has been a thing since the invention of windows so it's a completely valid design, and one that I must say looks gorgeous. 

OnePlus Speaker

(Image credit: OnePlus)

In terms of details, we know very little about the speaker itself but it would be a significant first step into the audio market  (aside from headphones and Bluetooth speakers)  for one of the makers of the best phones. We don't have a product name or even a hint of the release date but it does look fascinating. Of course, audio setups don't end with speakers so perhaps we could also see the likes of a OnePlus Soundbar too. 

One more certain thing is that OnePlus is reportedly planning to release its next flagship phone in January 2024 so perhaps we could expect to hear a bit more about the speaker then. Speaking of the OnePlus 12, it sounds like a contender to be a leading Android phone with a groundbreakingly bright screen of particular note.

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