OnePlus Nord 2 July launch seems more likely after OnePlus' Instagram purge

OnePlus leakers have pegged this month for the OnePlus Nord 2 launch, and OnePlus' Insta account seems to back that up

OnePlus Nord
(Image credit: OnePlus)

The OnePlus Nord is set to get a proper follow-up this year, and while no one's given us an official release date, it's looking more likely that we'll see the OnePlus Nord 2 make its debut this month. In fact, we could see it in just a couple of weeks.

Tech YouTuber Mukul Sharma  has tipped the OnePlus 2 launch as taking place in the "last 10 days of July" citing July 24 as a likely day. That falls on a Saturday, so it's probably not going to be that exact date, but anytime that week seems a safe bet.

In addition to that tidbit, OnePlus has cleared out its OnePlus Nord Instagram account, deleting all of the posts that were on there. The company loves using its social media accounts to tease announcements, often getting the community involved with competitions involving swag and its brand new products to coincide with their release, so we'll definitely be keeping an eye on it over the course of the next few weeks. 

This isn't the first inkling we've had of the OnePlus Nord 2 getting a July release. In the runup to the June event which saw the OnePlus Nord CE 5G make its debut, Sharma tweeted that we could expect "another Nord device set for July" that "could likely be the OnePlus Nord 2".

Fellow tipster, Max Jambor, also seems to be confident that all signs point to a July OnePlus Nord 2 launch. Sharing a tweet about the company's Instagram account being reset, Jambor said "Yes, [OnePlus] erased all content from their OnePlus Nord IG page - but don't worry, the account is not dead They are just preparing for something exciting."

So mark your calendars (in pencil) for the third week of July!  

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