OnePlus 10T suddenly looks more appealing – here's why

No Hasselblad and no slider equals no big price tag?

OnePlus 10T
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OnePlus being OnePlus there was no way that the 10T's reveal, due on 3rd August, wasn't going to be teased in advance. The company is renowned for drip-feeding news bites ahead of a launch in order to drum up interest.

And in the OnePlus 10T's first tease the company has already got my attention, as it's the new handset's absence of certain features rather than addition of new ones that actually makes it a more appealing to me. 

What exactly do I mean? Well, OnePlus has confirmed that the 10T will not feature the long-established 'slider' switch, used for quickly putting it on mute, and there's no Hasselblad branding on this device's camera setup either. 

But isn't that bad rather than good? Not necessarily, at least not when price is a driving factor.

OnePlus 10T price: how much might it cost?

Which, as an educated guess, means the OnePlus 10T will be a cheaper handset than you might expect. I think that'd be an important step in this market. After all its predecessor – which takes us right back to OnePlus 8T –  was priced at £549/€649/$649 at launch. I know there's no official 10T price just yet, given the OnePlus 10 Pro costs £799 in the UK, I think it needs to undercut that by a good chunk to be a compelling proposition (£699 or less perhaps?).

The market has changed a whole lot and it's even more competitive than ever. In the past couple of weeks alone I've reviewed the Nothing Phone 1 and Google Pixel 6a, both of which are priced at £399 in the UK. Now, the OnePlus 10T will very likely bring more power to the table than either of those devices, giving it a point of difference, but if it's going to be hundreds more than those handsets then it needs to bring wide appeal.

While the OnePlus 10T doesn't have any fancy Glyph lights like Nothing or a Magic Eraser editing tool like Google, the device is confirmed to have a Sony IMX766 sensor for its main camera – and that's an advanced 50-megapixel one, so yet another point of interest.

For everything else, such as price and full spec, we'll have to await the OnePlus 10T's official reveal on 3rd August at 15:00 BST (10:00 EDT / 07:00 PDT / 16:00 CEST). I for one hope it'll be presented at a surprising on-sale price in the absence of those various features, but we'll have to wait and see...

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