One resistance band and these eight exercises for a stronger back

A strong back not only looks nice, it's key for good posture and stability

Man doing band back workout
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So, you want a wide, V-shaped back, but don’t have time to go to the gym and you don’t own a pair of dumbbells – not a problem! This workout will help you gain strength, as well as some muscle in your back, and all it requires is one simple resistance band.

Having a strong looking back is physique goal desired by both, men and women – men want one so it can make them look bigger up top, whereas women like the fact it can make their waist look smaller. However, beyond the aesthetics, having a strong back is hugely important to support our body, improve posture which will then (hopefully) prevent us from injuring it.

This workout is made up of supersets (when you complete two exercises back-to-back without any rest in between), ideal if you’re pressed for time as they help you pack more into your workout. You’ll do three different super sets and aim for 10 to 12 reps of each exercise. You’re aiming to complete three to four rounds of the workout in total. Oh, almost forgot, there’s also a finisher exercise at the end where you do as many reps as possible (just so you can get a real pump). Enjoy! Here’s what you’ll be doing: 

Superset 1

  • Front raise
  • Straight arm lat pull

Superset 2

  • Y Press - single arm
  • Seated wide row

Superset 3

  • Upright row
  • Seated row


  • Shoulder press (as many reps as possible)

The type of resistance band that you'll need for this workout is a pull up band (one of the larger looped ones) or tube bands that come with handles. Avoid booty bands as these will be too small to do the exercises and are best for lower body workouts. If you're keen to try more resistance band workouts then why not give this fast full-body band workout a go? If you're really struggling for time though, then we do have a really short three-move resistance band back workout that you could also try.

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