One of Sonic the Hedgehog's best games is 40% off ahead of Black Friday

Sonic Colours: Ultimate is available for a great price

Sonic Colours: Ultimate
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Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog are in luck today as a great deal has transpired for Sonic Colours: Ultimate, bringing the price down to one of the cheapest prices we've seen since the game launched.

Available on Nintendo Switch, Sonic Colours: Ultimate is a remaster of the beloved 2010 game that originally debuted on the Nintendo Wii. It was brought to the Nintendo Switch in September this year as part of the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary celebrations, with SEGA clearly choosing the game because of its strong fan appeal. If you were ever curious about trying it out, this is a great opportunity.

Deals across various video games are often featured as part of T3's Black Friday hub, as well as offers on consoles and accessories. This deal on Sonic Colours: Ultimate, however, is unlikely to drop any further for a while so well worth taking snapping up ahead of time. It's a very fun game, offering hours of replayability. Don't miss out!  

Sonic Colours: Ultimate for Nintendo Switch | Was: £34.99 | Now: £24.99 | Saving: £10 at Currys

Sonic Colours: Ultimate for Nintendo Switch | Was: £34.99 | Now: £24.99 | Saving: £10 at Currys
Sonic Colours: Ultimate is available today at an incredibly good price, offering access to one of Sonic's best games.  

The game is also available to pick up on PlayStation 4 at a reasonably good deal as well. If this particular game isn't to your liking, then make sure to check out the best Nintendo Switch deals (OLED included) for October 2021. 

Why you should buy Sonic Colours: Ultimate 

As an avid fan and often defender of Sonic games, I can genuinely attest to the quality of Sonic Colours. It was a great platformer back in 2010 and still holds up to this day. The introduction of the Wisps gives the Blue Blur different powers from the Drill and Laser to Spikes and a Rocket. Each keeps the level design fresh while also offering the frantic fast nature that a 3D Sonic game should offer.

At more than 40% off, the entry fee is nearly worth it for the soundtrack alone – Sweet Mountian in particular is a standout. The story is condensed down to feature only Sonic, Tails and Eggman, putting the gameplay first and not being bogged down by the many, many friends Sonic has acquired over the years.

It's worth being aware that the Switch version had a number of issues at launch but the game has been patched numerous times (version 1.04 at the time of writing), eradicating a lot of those issues, so it's arguably the best time to pick it up, I've actually been playing Sonic Colors: Ultimate on PS5 (via backwards compatibility) over the last month, enjoying every bit of it and being mere hours away from the Platinum. I'm half tempted to buy it on Switch again so I can play it on the go. Be quick as it's gonna go fast. 

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