Oculus Quest 2 back on sale on Amazon Australia, with better value than before

Now available in a 128GB flavour for the same price as the 64GB base model

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There's nothing like the Oculus Quest 2 when it comes to mobile VR gaming – that freedom of movement, vibrant graphics, easy to use setup. And then it got pulled from shelves recently due to complaints of skin irritation. 

Thankfully that recall was temporary, and the Oculus Quest 2 is back on sale in a brand new 128GB flavour for – wait for it – the exact same price as of the existing base (64GB) version! 

That's AU$479 for 128GB of storage – far better value than before – and it's available to buy now on Amazon Australia.

Considering the older batch of Oculus Quest 2 models only got pulled from sale a few weeks back, it's fair to say that Facebook has been working on the 128GB option for a while now. The recall just gave the company the opportunity to relaunch with a bang.

The 256GB model is making a comeback as well, albeit at a later unconfirmed date, and at the same AU$639 price as before.

Scratching that itch

Facebook started receiving complaints of skin irritation back in December 2020. At that time, however, the social media giant claimed that the issue was very minor, affecting no more than 0.01% of users. By May 2021, Amazon began delisting the headset in Europe.

The final recall decision was made towards the end of July 2021, "in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission," said Facebook Reality Labs head Andrew Bosworth.

So, what do you do if you already own an Oculus Quest 2 and are worried about skin issues? Facebook has promised that current owners will be provided a free silicone face covering that fits over the headset. You can register for it by heading to the Oculus My Device page and selecting the option to "Request silicone facial interface cover" after signing in with your Oculus account.

Expanding your VR horizons

The value for money you're going to get from the 128GB version is undeniable. Given the Oculus Quest 2 doesn't have the option of expandable storage, double the space for the same price of AU$479 means more games at your disposal. And this becomes even more important if you aren't storing any games on your VR-ready PC.

Considering most VR games are anywhere between 800MB to 8GB in size, you could store up to 80 games at once on the 64GB version. With 128GB at your disposal, you really won't need to worry about deleting too many older games to fit new ones in.

And considering Amazon usually discounts the Oculus Quest 2 over massive sales like Black Friday, there's a very good chance the 128GB option will be available for even less come November.

Sharmishta Sarkar

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