Nothing plans a second smartwatch, according to certification listing

The fashionable tech start-up could be bringing a second wearable to market

CMF by Nothing Watch Pro
(Image credit: CMF by Nothing)
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Nothing may be about to launch a second smartwatch.

A certification listing has appeared which appears to point to a new wearable in the next few months.

There really is no product category in technology which has ascended like the smartwatch. Over the best part of a decade, these products have gone from futuristic dream fodder to a necessity for most people.

When we're talking about astronomical rises in the tech space, we should also mention Nothing. The brand – led by former OnePlus man, Carl Pei – has built a loyal following thanks to its range of Android phones and wireless earbuds.

They also launched their first smartwatch via their sub-brand, CMF by Nothing. The Watch Pro was a dirt cheap wearable with some really nifty features.

Now, it looks like that model might have a successor in the near future. As reported by 91Mobiles, a certification listing for a new Nothing smartwatch has been spotted on the BIS site.

That only went up yesterday (15th May 2024) suggesting that something new could be coming in the relatively near future. Sadly, there is nothing more we can gleam from the listing itself.

The certification site doesn't include any information about specs, which leaves us pretty much in the dark about what could be on the horizon. However, we can certainly speculate about a few revisions from the first design.

There's not a lot though. That model is a real spec sheet monster, offering an insane amount of tech for a relatively low price. One thing I'd personally like to see is a slightly smaller case size.

The 1.96-inch AMOLED display is just enormous, putting it in a similar vein to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 for size. Those of us with smaller wrists are pretty much unable to wear it, but a smaller case would open the model range up to a wider array of users.

One other thing I'd like to see is a wider colour selection. The first model comes in CMF orange, as well as white, grey and black. Particularly as the summer rolls around, I'd like to see some more vibrant colour options for the band. We also don't have any other strap materials on offer, so that would be a neat addition. 

For now, then, we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for something new in the neat future.

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