Nothing Phone (2) users just got a great free software upgrade

The Android phone just got a stack of Android 14 based updates

Nothing Phone (2)
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There have been an awful lot of phone releases in the past few months. We've seen new handsets from a host of manufacturers, looking to upgrade upon the form and offer new possibilities for users.

One of our favourites here at T3 is the Nothing Phone (2). The second generation Android phone made a suite of improvements, offering a much more premium experience than the original Nothing Phone (1).

Now, users of the new handset are getting even more benefits, thanks to a sweet free software upgrade. That's because the Nothing OS 2.5 Open Beta has just launched, allowing users to get access to the latest version of Android with some added Nothing flourishes.

Nothing say that the new software will make your device more efficient and personal than ever before. So, what's new?

Well, there's a stack of features worth shouting about. There's not really one standout feature here, instead offering a lot of smaller ease of use upgrades. Users can enjoy a new screenshot editor function, with a revamped UI. Plus, new gesture controls make it easier than ever to control key functions on the device.

Users can quickly capture screenshots with a three-finger swipe, while a double press of the power button can now be configured to a range of different actions. That gives users quick access to things they use often – not entirely dissimilar to the action button on the new iPhone 15 Pro models.

Elsewhere, you'll find updates to the widget library interface, as well as a new photos widget which displays your favourite photos on the lock screen and the home screen. The customisation window for those screens has been updated too, giving users a more comprehensive view of the options available to them.

Wallpapers are getting an update, too. The new glass filter has been added, giving an extra layer of uniqueness for wallpapers on the device. Plus, a stack of solid colour wallpapers have been added, for those seeking a sleeker, cleaner appearance.

If you're already signed up for the Nothing beta program, you'll need to head to Settings > System > System Update, where you should be able to download the software right away. If you're not, simply head over to the Nothing website, where you can sign up for the beta program.

Oh, and one final word of warning. While the new features all sound great, this is a beta version of the software. That means that there could still be bugs or issues, which you wouldn't expect from a public version. That's just worth being aware of, if you rely on having a perfectly working device.

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