Nomos marks 175 years with the Tangente 38 Date in 31 different colours

Pick your colour: the Nomos Tangente 38 Date has 31 different colour variations for each day of the month

Nomos Tangente 38 Date
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Nomos is celebrating 175 years of watchmaking in Glashütte with its Tangente 38 Date. The new novelty is available in 31 different colours, so you can wear a different variation for every day of the month.

Debuting at Watches and Wonders, the new Nomos Tangente 38 Date is bold, colourful and each special model is limited to 175 pieces.

At Watches and Wonders, Nomos Glashütte has debuted the new Tangente 38 Date, which comes in not one, not two but 31 different colour variations. The special edition of the Tangente 38 Date celebrates all things colour and creativity, although they’re extremely limited edition so you’ll be lucky to get your hands (or wrist) on one.

Aside from the annual Watches and Wonders event, Nomos is unveiling its new novelty in celebration of the 175th anniversary of watchmaking in the Glashütte region of Germany. This is the perfect occasion for Nomos to celebrate, as its many timepieces are handmade in Glashütte and it’s the second half of the watch brands’ name.

For the occasion, Nomos has created a new Tangente 38 Date. The special editions have all the same features of the Tangente 38 Date, including its date window at six o’clock and counter dial, plus its sleek and simple number and indexes as markers. But what sets the new Tangente 38 Date apart is its slightly larger size than the original and its bold use of colour.

The Nomos Tangente 38 Date is now available in 31 different colours, one for each day of the month. Each watch has its own special name and mixture of colours, and yes, you can really find any colour that you could possibly think of!

Some versions of the Tangente 38 Date have white or black dials, in keeping with Nomos’ original monochrome design, and they use colour in the markers and counters. Others have a brightly coloured dial with different muted colours in the markers and around the bezel.

Nomos Chili

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The mix of bright, muted and pastel colours are designed to help the wearer express themselves. Nomos believes that colour expresses a person’s individuality and personality, so you can choose a watch that best suits you. The colour of the hands stay the same, and the accompanying straps are available in different muted greys or black.

Nomos has also given its Tangente 38 Date fun names to go with the new colours. For example, the Sportbunt is a combination of orange, blue and yellow, the Chili is red and pink, and the Katzengold has a yellow dial and pink counter.

Each new Tangente 38 Date from Nomos is £1,925 and each design is limited to 175 each. This is extremely limited and on the Nomos website, there’s already a waitlist on some variants, so you’ll want to be quick if you want one of these stunning timepieces.

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