Nokia X looks like it may be called the Nokia X6 after all

The notch display Nokia could appear on May 16 with the X6 name

Nokia X

The Nokia X6 looks like the official name for the otherwise known Nokia X. This is the notch display toting smartphone from Nokia that’s due to be launched on May 16.

The Nokia X6 name has appeared on a Bluetooth certification listing. It came associated with the product name TA–1099, which has been leaking until now as the Nokia X.

Despite this name on an official certification, that Nokia X moniker still may get use. All teases so far from parent company HMD Global have used the Nokia X name. So we may have to wait until May 16, where the phone will be launched in China, to find out for sure.

Bearing in mind there was already a Nokia X6 released back in 2009, that Nokia X name does make sense. Perhaps, with the top-notch screen, Nokia has changed the name to X6 so as to avoid any potential lawsuits from the similar looking Apple iPhone X.

The Nokia X has had some specs already leaked ahead of the launch event. That all screen display with notch seems very likely as does a dual rear camera and glass casing, if rumours prove accurate.

This phone, launching on the same day as the OnePlus 6, does sound very similar indeed. Will it have the same expected £500 price? We’ll have to wait until May 16 to find out.

Luke Edwards

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