Nokia just crashed the iPhone 12 party with this classic reboot

Here is Nokia's $100 response to the $700 iPhone 12

Nokia 6300 iPhone 12
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

The iPhone 12, in its various forms, is now shipping. But as smartphones get ever more feature packed, with hefty price tags to match, Nokia is showing up to the party with something very different, in the form of a rebooted Nokia 6300.

The original Nokia 6300 holds a place in many people's memories thanks to its distinctive design and, for the time, powerful features. Released six months before the original iPhone, the Nokia 6300 went on to be the best-selling phone of 2007. And now a new version of it is coming back to take on the Apple iPhone 12 by challenging it on price rather than features.

As reported by WinFuture, the new Nokia 6300 is being produced by HMD Global and will feature the same candy bar-shaped design as the original. However, this phone will feature upgraded internal hardware, a larger higher-resolution screen, and support 4G LTE phone connections.

And now, we've got our best look yet at just what the new Nokia 6300 will look like thanks to this new video trailer, which can be watched below:

The phone shown in this video, which was first published by tech site LetsGoDigital, is the brainchild of tech designer Concept Creator, who has produced this render based off the latest leaks and rumors surrounding the new Nokia 6300.

Looking at the phone, it features the classic candy bar shape but is much thinner than the original. It does retain the physical dialling pad as well as multi-direction navigation pad in its center, though, as too a physical headphone jack.

The phone has a two-tone backplate design with removable battery cover, indicating that the phone's battery could be replaced easily. There is also a single camera lens on the rear.

For those interested, the new Nokia 6300 is slated to be announced in just a few weeks, and will square off against the iPhone 12 range in the market with a rumored €100 price point, which no doubt will attract many due to its affordability.

Here at T3 we're a big fan of secondary handsets that don't cost a lot and offer strong core performance, and it looks like the Nokia 6300 is absolutely going to be one of those devices. We doubt Nokia will match the sales volume of the original device, though, which racked up a crazy 35 million units!

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