Nintendo Switch OLED is here! Grab the Metroid Dread Switch bundle at Best Buy

Grab the Nintendo Switch OLED model starting at $349.99 today at Best Buy

Nintendo Switch OLED
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The Nintendo Switch OLED model has officially been released and gamers who've been eagerly awaiting its arrival can grab the upgraded Switch console can now buy the new system at Best Buy.

Upgraded with a 7 inch OLED screen, Nintendo's latest Switch provides improved clarity and color vibrancy for an even better playing experience. Starting at $349.99, the new system comes in at $50 more than the standard version making it a much better value for Switch newcomers.

While current Nintendo Switch owners may find that the upgrade isn't worth the price of entry, the redesign to the handheld aspect of the console make for a much more enjoyable time. Enhanced colors along with a larger screen are a welcome change to the old systems formula, and the new Metroid Dread bundle – starting at $409.98 – just may be tantalizing enough to take the plunge.

If you're hoping to grab your Nintendo Switch OLED on sale today, Best Buy may just be the place to shop. Offering both system only and Metroid Dread bundles, the new  Switch console is a great buy for gift shoppers as well.

You can also grab Nintendo eShop gift cards as well as the much needed Nintendo Switch Online membership cards. Both are essential for gaming with your friends on Switch and offer access to a ton of online features and cheap games to try and buy.

Buy Nintendo Switch OLED at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering six version of the Nintendo Switch OLED for sale right now, two of which include system only options and the remaining are bundled with the new Metroid Dread game and case.

Which version of Nintendo Switch is best?

Now that we have a three versions of the Nintendo Switch available (with a possible fourth rumored to be in the works), you may be asking yourself which Nintendo Switch is the best version to buy? That can depend on a few things, but let's see if we can make the answer an easy one.

All of the best Nintendo Switch games play across all three versions, each just enhances or removes an aspect of the original Nintendo Switch some gamers could do with or without.

The Nintendo Switch Lite console, for example, removes the docking station entirely providing for a purely handheld gaming experience. If you're someone who is on the go often, this may be the best Nintendo Switch for you.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED features a larger 7 inch OLED display on the handheld unit, providing for a much clearer and enjoyable on-the-go time. The design is a bit more premium as well, offering a more solid "feel" over the standard model. That said, the new screen increases the handhelds size quite a bit which may be a problem to some.

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying?

While this question often boils down to personal preference, there's a lot to argue for and against when it comes to Nintendo's latest gaming console.

Nintendo's library of games can be limited at times depending on what type of genre you're into. If you're someone who enjoys FPS games for example, the Nintendo Switch may not be for you. There are options available, but to some the console just doesn't do well with these platforms.

Gamers who dig adventure titles, RPGs, platformers and the like however will have a great time with the Nintendo Switch. There are a ton of great hidden gems the system offers, some of which reside only on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

For the price, the Nintendo Switch is a great value overall too. It's a solid console that, while not as powerful as the new Xbox or PS5 systems, offers a super versatile handheld and home console hybrid that is a ton of fun to play.

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