Nintendo Switch 2 could get a screen upgrade, but not as much as we hoped

Will it be something new or screen there done that?

Nintendo Switch being used
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The Nintendo Switch is unique. It's both home console and handheld. You could have one of the best TVs, but when being used in handheld mode you will always have to rely on the device's own display.

Assuming the Nintendo Switch 2 has the same capability, this is a clear opportunity for Nintendo to upgrade and change the console's successor. Well, according to the latest comments from one analyst, it's definitely a change. According to Bloomberg, one analyst, Hiroshi Hayase, the display will be bigger than the  Nintendo Switch's current 6.2-inch effort and the Switch OLED's 7-inch panel. 

Supposedly Nintendo's next console will have an 8-inch screen, that's great for those of us who love to play Mario in bed, but that's not the whole story. According to the same source, the 8-inch screen will only be an LCD display, not an OLED one. 

Initially, that seems like a massive shame, especially as there is already an OLED Switch. Perhaps Nintendo is planning a similar refresh mid-way through the new console's lifespan. So why an LCD panel? Well presumably to keep costs down. The Switch  (and especially the Switch Lite) was cheaper than Microsoft and Sony's consoles at launch, so hopefully, this measure is a way of continuing that streak. 

A Switch 2 render

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Of course, while an OLED screen is nice to have, it will be redundant if the system doesn't have the oomph underneath to do it justice. Luckily we've heard rumours that the Switch 2 will have some seriously improved power compared to the now 7-year-old system. It should then at least be worth connecting it to your TV like a regular console.

The Switch 2's release date is currently up in the air, but it seems like there's absolutely no way it's not coming at some point in 2024, I just hope it brings with it performance to match. 

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