Nikon 1: Smallest changeable lens cameras revealed

Nikon J1 and Nikon V1 officially unveiled ahead of an October 20th release date

The Nikon 1 finally gives the Japanese camera maker a chance to compete with Olympus PEN, Sony NEX and Panasonic in the micro-four thirds snapper market

Nikon has just given the official nod to its new Nikon 1 camera system. Comprising the Nikon J1 and Nikon V1, the camera maker says these are the smallest, lightest and fastest interchangeable lens cameras in the world.

Not ones to shy away from hyperbole, Nikon says this is its, “…most significant announcement since we introduced our first digital camera 14 years ago.” That might be a bit strong, but each camera finally puts Nikon on an equal footing with the likes of the Olympus PEN and Sony NEX series of snappers.

Nikon V1 specs

What makes these cameras really stand out is the Nikon EXPEED 3 sensor. It has two engines that can take care of a frankly ludicrous 600 megapixels a second, letting you reel off stunning shots in quick sharp time without reducing quality.

The Nikon V1 comes with a 100% viewfinder, a port for myriad new Nikon 1 accessories and a magnesium alloy frame so it can withstand bumps and scrapes. The Nikon J1 is the smaller of the two and comes in an array of colours, with similarly hued interchangeable lenses to match.

But it's what's inside that really impresses. On top of the EXPEED 3, there are stacks of ace new auto modes, including motion snapshot, which simultaneously takes a slow-mo video and still image, stitching the results together for a perfect shot. Smart Photo Selector takes 20 shots with one click, starting before you've fully pressed the shutter, offering up a perfect shot in seconds.

There are a slew of new 1-mount accessories, including flashes and viewfinders, as well as a new range of 1 Nikkor lenses, each offering something different depending on what you want the Nikon 1 cameras to do.

Nikon V1 release date and price

The basic Nikon V1 kit, with 10-30mm lense will costs an eye-popping £829, while the same lens with the Nikon J1 will costs £549.99. Sales start on 20 October, with more lenses and accessories to come later in the year.

Are you impressed by the newly unveiled Nikon 1 range or slightly perturbed by the high-end price tag? Let us know via the comments box below…

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