Next Samsung Galaxy Watch could look completely different

The brand are reportedly considering a return to an older design from their catalogue

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A significant redesign has been pegged for the Samsung Galaxy Watch range.

If true, it would see the smartwatch take on a square case shape, similar to Samsung designs of old.

When it comes to smartwatches, there are really two camps. Users will tend to fall into one or the other, often based on completely external factors.

Just as in the world of phones – where users will either find themselves in camp iPhone or camp Android phone – smartwatches are often divisive. Often, that's because models are locked to specific device types. 

When it comes to smartwatches that work with Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is often the first many turn to. Now, rumours are surging about a potential redesign for the new model in that range.

That's according to SamMobile, a specialist Samsung blog with a good track record for unearthing news about the brand. Their report suggests that Samsung could rework their product into a square case design.

And I know what you're thinking, but no, it doesn't appear to be Apple Watch influenced. After the Samsung Galaxy S24 range came out looking particularly iPhoney, that was likely the first thought most people had.

Instead, though, this looks to draw on a model from Samsung's own history. If you can remember far enough back, the Samsung Galaxy Gear range utilised a square case shape. 

That is believed to be the influence for the new design. It would certainly mark a substantial redesign, too. Those cases were markedly industrial in their design language, and would definitely stand out in the modern smartwatch market.

So, can we expect to see something this year? Maybe not. While the next generation Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to arrive in the late summer, there is still no word on whether that series will get the redesign, or whether it will be kept for a later release. 

Regardless, it looks set to be a really significant moment for the range. We'll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more information in the coming weeks and months.

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