News@8pm: Wii U footage taken from Xbox and BBC goes 3D

Plus: OnLive confirmed for iPad and iOS 5 jailbroken

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Wii U games footage from its launch yesterday was actually taken from existing Xbox and PlayStation releases Nintendo confirmed today, although they were keen to stress that the console will be able to match the graphics of the current Xbox 360 and PS3. In case you missed any of yesterday's announcement, T3 has it all covered, including a hands-on review.


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The BBC confirmed its first 3D broadcast will be this year's Wimbledon finals, the free coverage will air via the BBC's HD channel on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Angry Birds Rio saw a fresh update today, including 15 new levels and a new bird, and will come free to anyone already with Rio on an iOS or Android device.

An OnLive Player app has been confirmed for the iPad. The online gaming sensation will be heading to the iPad this autumn, and will also be available on Android tablets. Steve Jobs unveiled plans for Apple's revamped 'spaceship' style HQ, the companies CEO appeared before Cupertino City Council to pitch plans for the four-story circular glass building.

iOS 5 has been jailbroken just one day after its release, after a member of a serial jailbreaker group tweeted the news and then posted screen shots of an iPod Touch running the cracked OS. Finally, could iPad 3 launch this Autumn alongside iOS 5? Rumours have been sparked after references to the next-gen iPad have been found hidden in the code of iOS 5.