News@8pm: Gran Turismo 5 patch and PSP phone leaks

Plus: Call of Duty PS3 petition and holographic PlayStation 3

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Following the launch of Gran Turismo 5 yesterday, a number of issues with the long awaited racing sim have emerged essentially spoiling gamers' experiences with the game they waited five years for. The biggest cause for concern is that online info streaming is causing single player offline modes to freeze and grind to a halt. Acknowledging these problems, Sony has announced it it to launch a Gran Turismo 5 patch this weekend. Bubble burst.


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CoD: Black Ops is back in the news and for mixed reasons. Whilst on the positive front the Activision CEO has announced that online Call of Duty content will remain free, a number of PS3 Black Ops users are petitioning Activision for a full refund as the PlayStation edition of the game is considered 'inferior' to its Xbox 360 counterpart.

Upcoming tablet news is never far away and today has dished up two tasty tablet treats in the form of BlackBerry PlayBook pricing and a new Android 2.3 powered device. Whilst the BlackBerry PlayBook is expected to cost $399 at launch early next year the WooW Digital The One Tablet is to launch pre-Christmas running Google's Android Gingerbread OS. Exciting news but a truly terrible tablet name from Woow.

Future Sony products have also been hitting the headlines today as the PSP Phone announcement date leaks pointing towards a December 9th arrival, at least in verbal form if not physical. Elsewhere Sony has declared it is working on holographic and single-screen 3D multiplayer gaming, both tantalising prospects and an exciting insight in to the future of gaming.