News@8pm: Amazon Kindle and Sky 3D lands Oct 1st

Plus: PS Move official pricing and Apple iOS 4.0.1 niggles

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Good news smartphone fans, the big update we've all been waiting for could be coming soon. All HTC Android phones in China will now have 2.2 out of the box, which means that OS update could well be heading towards our shores very soon indeed, with rumours even suggesting the Desire will be getting its update next month. Over to releases now where the Acer Stream will be arriving on August 9th. It'll have Android 2.1, 720p video capture and a 1GHz processor making sure it'll handle everything you can throw at it. Motorola has had a cheeky shot at Apple in its latest Droid X advert; the company used the slogan 'No jacket required' as it pointed out that with two antenna's the Droid X would never have the same kind of signal problems. Further Apple issues see the company investigating the claim that iOS 4 is causing problems for iPhone 3G users. The complaints have arisen after users found that the operating system was slowing down the device causing it to be sluggish whilst apps take overly long to load.

Tech news today will please all those commuting bookworms: Amazon has released the new Kindle to the UK. The new device has a faster eInk screen, allowing for faster scrolling, quicker loading screens and has a frame that is 21 percent smaller than the original. This will only help to sell the device as before it wasn't considered the most pocketable unit for travelling on the train or bus. Elsewhere Pure has unleashed the Evoke 1S Marshall, a DAB radio with an attitude. Styled in the shape of a good old Marshall amp, this DAB will hook you up with 30 station presets whilst looking the business too.

If gaming for you means getting all physical then good news on the way. The Playstation Move has been officially priced along with information on the bundles available. Costing a very reasonable £50 for both a camera and one controller Sony is clearly trying to make the experience as affordable as possible, offering a second controller for only £25. While this may cause further reactions against Microsofts Kinect, it is important to note that with Kinect you only have to buy the system once. Nintendo has reported a quarterly loss in sales for the first time in two years. The company remains hopeful however due to the newly reduced in price Wii achieving a healthy boost in sales, and with the 3DS expected March next year, Nintendo doesn't appear too concerned.

3D TV will finally be making its debut in the UK. The Sky 3D Channel will arrive on October 1st. Being offered free to their high-end HD package customers, the channel will show not only Premier League games but has also had deals confirmed with two major Hollywood studios to show films.