New Sonos x Ikea Symfonisk device coming soon

Social media posts from Sonos and Ikea suggest a new Symfonisk is on the way

Sonos x Ikea
(Image credit: Sonos)

A story on both Ikea and Sonos’ Instagram pages displayed simple white text on a black background that read, ‘looks like Symfonisk’, followed by the two company’s logos. While no further word has yet been given from either Sonos or Ikea, it suggests a new model is coming.

The Ikea x Sonos Symfonisk devices first appeared in 2019, when the two companies collaborated on a series of home speakers that included a table lamp with an integrated Wi-Fi speaker and a bookshelf speaker. Products that had Ikea’s homely aesthetic and Sonos’ audio prowess. The devices were also priced more in line with Ikea’s than the premium that Sonos often demands.

While the exact form the new product – or products – will form, there are clues. A recent FCC filing describes a new Ikea product described simply as a wireless device. The Verge claims to have details of a product known by the codename Titan that is a piece of artwork with an integrated speaker.

Sonos x Ikea

The story posted on both Sonos and Ikea Instagram pages

(Image credit: Sonos)

Other sites have suggested that it could be an upgrade to the existing table lamps or a sub that could pair with other speakers for TV or audio use. The artwork theory would certainly fit with the phrasing of the teaser and the ethos behind the collaboration. Artwork speakers are not a new concept. Soundwall has a collection of flat panel art speakers that feature a series of designs or your own design on a 24x24 or 24x26 art speaker.

Arguably a table light also fits the phrasing, so an update on the design is possible. The table lamps don’t currently offer any voice assistant, so in theory, this could be added, making them smart speakers. A larger lamp design is also a possibility.

Previous Symfonisk models have given full access to the Sonos ecosystem and can be connected up to other Sonos devices or controlled through Google or Alexa-enabled devices. We expect the new models to do the same.

Not that we need much of an excuse to add more Ikea furniture to our collection, the chance to add more Sonos sound at the same time definitely makes it more tempting.

Expect more updates on this soon.

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