The Disney Plus Loki trailer leaves Netflix playing catch-up – here's how, watch now

Loki is set to be the latest water cooler TV mega hit for Disney Plus, and Netflix should be paying attention

Disney Plus Loki Netflix
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Wow! Now that is a trailer. For anyone who hasn't seen the brand new Disney Plus trailer for Loki then your first job is to watch it. The full Loki trailer can be watched directly below – simply click the video to get started.

Pretty neat, right? Yes, after months of teasing we've now got our first official look at a dump-truck load of footage from the incoming Loki TV series. And, when you consider that the plot of the show sees the trickster god getting involved with fixing alternate timelines and that it stars the delightful Owen Wilson, it sure looks like the next TV show that everyone is going to be watching.

And, TV show really is the phrase of note here, as Loki shows how, right now, Disney Plus really is leaving rival streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video playing catch-up in this regard. Disney Plus is producing the TV show content that people are talking about.

Just look at the sensation of WandaVision, which has been the biggest TV series release of the year and also one that hooked both Marvel fans and, crucially, casual Disney Plus viewers alike. It's the show that people have talked of around the virtual water cooler and, at least in my mind, Loki is going to take on that mantle.

And that's saying nothing of other blockbuster TV shows already scheduled to land on Disney Plus in the future such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, which for Star Wars fans looks like a slice of heaven.

Yes, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have had a few TV show successes over recent years, such as The Boys and The Witcher, but those hit shows have been few and far between and Disney Plus now seems to be delivering them effortlessly multiple times per year, with one hit show almost directly following the last.

Hopefully Netflix and company are paying attention, as otherwise I can easily see those streaming services losing even more subscribers. As we mentioned in our Disney Plus review, Disney's streaming service really is delivering "out of this world content" and that needs to be matched soon by its rivals in order for them to compete.

For Disney Plus subscribers, though, from my perspective the future is looking brighter than ever. Loki starts streaming on 11 June 2021.

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