This MASSIVE Nintendo Switch is real – and this video shows how it works

Huge playable Nintendo Switch shown off in video is the stuff of gamer dreams

Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Michael Pick)

What is 70 inches wide, 30 inches tall and weighs 65 pounds? The Nintendo Switch, that's what. Well, maybe not the regular Nintendo Switch, but this one sure is.

Yes, that's right. This Nintendo Switch is more than 6-feet long and, what's more, it's totally playable, too. Suddenly the Nintendo Switch Pro doesn't look quite so impressive, right?

To see the giant Nintendo Switch in action watch the video below:

The 6-foot-long Nintendo Switch in this video is the hard graft of talented engineer Michael Pick (who is known as The Casual Engineer), who made the giant console because the regular Switch was, apparently, "really easy to lose".

So Pick decided to make the Nintendo Switch 650% bigger than normal, and the result is what you can see here. Certainly a lot harder to lose.

The embiggening is impressive, but what is even more impressive is that the Nintendo Switch here is totally useable and can even be paired up with an external Nintendo Switch controller for a more normal form-factor form of control.

The rest of the giant creation comes courtesy of a 4K TV, plenty of wood, some good old 3D printing and some original Switch hardware, including a pair of Joy-Con controllers. It's a mad project and to see it finished to such a level is definitely worth of a hat tip.

Only one giant Nintendo Switch will ever be made by Pick, who confirms he will be donating this humongous console to St Jude's Children Hospital. As such, our dreams of a series of supersized handheld consoles for the moment have been dashed. Anyone for a six-foot-wide Sony PlayStation Vita?

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