New Samsung Galaxy Buds have one incredible feature I can't wait to use

It's going to make them a must have for travel lovers

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro
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Samsung just unveiled a pair of new wireless earbuds at their Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.

The pair offer a wide range of features for different users – including one I can't wait to use.

With Samsung Galaxy Unpacked underway, there's a wide array of wonderful new products on the way. The brand has unveiled a host of devices across its entire product offering – even including some new product categories.

That includes their wireless earbud offering, where a pair of new devices join the market. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will both join the fray, offering a couple of different choices for users.

The vanilla model uses a half-in tip – think of the base model AirPods – which is preferable for some users. The Pro variant uses the more common round rubber tip, which sits inside your ear canal.

It's the Pro variant which packs in the majority of the really impressive specs here, too. IP57 water and dust resistance is seriously impressive, and should help to keep things tight no matter where you go.

You'll also notice the new design of this model. Previous generations of this range like the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro used a stemless, bud-only design. That's gone this time out in favour of a more common bud-and-stem layout. Samsung say that comes from scanning a wealth of ears to find the best fit.

By far the most interesting feature, though, is the Interpreter mode. That listens to audio around you to offer real-time conversion of 40 different languages.

It's a really interesting feature, and one which should be a big deal for the brand. As someone who travels often, this sounds like a life saver. Combined with the aforementioned resistance rating, these should be a top pick for adventurous types.

Priced at £159 for the vanilla model and £219 for Pro variant, these are going to need to perform strongly in order to compete. The modern earbud market is filled with really impressive options, making it tough for any new player to enter.

I, for one, am really excited to try these out and see what they can offer.

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