New PS5 feature officially confirmed

An exciting new feature is coming to PlayStation 5 soon

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More exciting news for PS5 owners comes courtesy of Sony itself, who has just officially confirmed that a new feature is shortly coming to the PlayStation 5.

The news, which was announced on the official Sony PlayStation Blog, details how a new 'On-Console Tournaments Feature for PlayStation 5' is incoming.

The PlayStation Tournaments feature allows PS5 gamers quickly and easily sign up to partake in gaming tournaments on their console and then compete for prizes.

These gaming tournaments include 'PlayStation events, challenges, leaderboard competitions, and much more', indicating there will be variety in terms of how gamers can choose to compete to win.

PlayStation Tournaments screenshot showing bracket

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The PlayStation Tournaments feature first launched on PS4 back in 2016, but the all-new PS5 version comes with a host of new features including:

1. Tournaments are now easier to discover – Tournaments can now be accessed via the PS5 Control Center and Game Hub. For example, if there was a FIFA 22 tournament, then the gamer could just press the PS button while the game is open to discover the tournament.

2. You can now sign-up on console – Registration for a tournament can then be completed quickly directly on the console.

3. Bracket capping is now possible – A new bracket capping mechanic is coming to PlayStation Tournaments on PS5, which is something that is geared toward making tournament times shorter. This is good as it reduces the amount of time in the lead up to prizes being given out.

4. There will be a higher tournament frequency on PS5 – More tournaments will happen and this will mean more chances to compete and more potential prizes to be won.

5. There's a slick new UI – A smoother tournament experience is delivered through a redesigned PlayStation Tournament UI (see image above). All the information you need on your progress in the tournament is easy to see at a glance. Also, there's real-time match reporting, so you can see how other matches are going live.

6. Every tournament will have prizes – And, finally, on PS5 every PlayStation Tournament will have prizes up for grabs. Sony has also confirmed that some tournaments will have unique rewards just for participating in them.

PlayStation Tournaments screenshot showing tournament sign-up screen

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Analysis: What a great new PS5 feature

We're big fans of multiplayer here at, which is why we recommend every PS5 gamer to pick up a PlayStation Plus membership, which not only unlocks multiplayer online but also some really sweet extra features, too.

And, with the new PlayStation Tournaments feature soon to drop (a public beta is happening in the next few weeks followed by a full roll-out), multiplayer just got taken to a new level.

The fact that you will be able to play your favourite games on PlayStation 5 in multilayer and have the added competitive edge of a tournament and the potential to win prizes at the same time just sounds ace.

From our point of view, the upgrades Sony has made to the UI and discoverability of tournaments feel most exciting, as it will mean more gamers play in them and enjoy the action as it unfolds.

Sony says it is going to share more information soon about the public beta launch date, as well as which countries PlayStation Tournaments is launching in first, so like us here at T3, we'd advise to keep your eyes peeled over the next month.

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