New leak apparently shows the new HomePod display

Alleged leaked Apple HomePod display component
(Image credit: Kosutami / X)

The much-rumoured Apple HomePod with built-in display is expected to launch in late 2024 or early 2025, and a new leak suggests that it's more than just a rumour. Following on from what appeared to be a leaked HomePod prototype that emerged in October 2023, another apparent HomePod display component has made its way to the leak factory.

This leak comes from Kosutami on X (as reported by MacRumors), who has previously reported the HomePod with display will have a slightly curved screen. Kosutami doesn't know if this new component is for a production device or just a prototype, but it fits with reports of a HomePod that's pretty much identical to the current HomePod 2nd Gen but with a nice round screen on top.

Baby, let's play house

This isn't the only rumoured Apple device combing a smart speaker with a smart display. The firm is believed to be working on multiple different smart home devices, including one that sounds very similar to the Google Nest Hub Max

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman that one would have its own FaceTime camera, and there's another model that can move its display to keep facing you via a robotic arm. And we've had previous reports that Apple was also working on an Echo Show-style device with a 7-inch screen. That was predicted for a 2024 release but things have been very quiet ever since, which suggests that it's either been shelved or cancelled.

While I'm sure Apple is working on multiple devices, the HomePod with a screen seems the most likely one to launch first: it's not a huge departure from the current design, and while adding a display instead of a status LED does make it more complex – and no doubt more expensive – it'd be an interesting way to refresh Apple's best smart speakers. 

After years of what's seemed like inconsistent interest in the smart home, Apple has reportedly doubled down on its smart home strategy in order to compete better with the likes of Amazon, whose Echo devices are considerably more affordable and whose smart assistant, Alexa, is more responsive and flexible than Apple's Siri. We're expecting Siri to get a lot smarter this year, and to se more AI-based features making their way into Apple's smart home kit. Expect lots of smart home announcements at Apple's WWDC conference this June. 

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