Apple’s HomePod with screen might not launch until 2025… but is it really needed?

If you want to get your hands on the HomePod with a screen, you could be waiting for a while…

Apple HomePod with display rumours
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The third generation of the Apple HomePod is set to have a built-in display, but new rumours reveal that it might not launch until 2025 at the earliest.

In a recent newsletter from Bloomberg, it was reported that Apple is still pursuing a HomePod with a screen and has begun work on it with overseas suppliers, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see it launch anytime soon.

It was recently reported that Apple will be dropping a new range of tech in the near future, including new iPads and MacBooks. Unfortunately for smart home fans, the new generation of the Apple HomePod was notably absent from the list, and it seems we might be waiting for it for quite some time.

Late last year, a third generation of the HomePod was leaked. Unlike Apple’s current HomePod offerings, the new version of the best smart speaker is rumoured to have a built-in touchscreen display on the top of the device.

Compared to the HomePod 2nd generation and the HomePod Mini, this is the first time Apple will add a screen to its HomePod, and many people have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. But according to a recent report, we could be waiting until next year to see the third generation HomePod at the earliest.

In the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, Gurman stated that a HomePod with an iPad-like display is still being pursued by Apple but we shouldn’t expect to buy one anytime soon. This comes after 9to5mac found evidence that an unreleased device that could be the HomePod with a screen was found in recent beta versions of iOS.

Following further investigation, Gurman said that “Upon checking, I still don’t think the product is going to be released this year. But I am told that Apple continues to pursue this idea and has begun early work on it with overseas suppliers, including China’s BYD, which makes some iPad models. If Apple finally moves forward with the product, a launch wouldn’t come until 2025 at the earliest.”

Leaked 3rd generation HomePod showing screen

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Over the years, Apple has looked into other smart home devices, like a three-in-one device that combines Apple TV, the HomePod and FaceTime, as well as a HomePod with a swiveling robotic arm screen. While the third generation HomePod with a screen would be great to see, it feels like Apple is a little behind in the smart home department, especially compared to its competitors.

Google Nest and Amazon Echo smart displays are currently leaps and bounds ahead of Apple. While Google hasn’t released a new Nest Hub since 2021, its latest editions have big touchscreens, powerful audio and clever smart features. Similarly, Amazon recently released the Echo Hub, a smart home panel that looks like a tablet and can be mounted on the wall.

While Apple fans will definitely be looking forward to the HomePod with a built-in screen and display, it’s a little underwhelming compared to Amazon and Google, and begs the question whether we need it or not. Now that it’s not expected until 2025, it looks like Apple will need to do something exciting and groundbreaking with its next HomePod.

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