Apple won't launch new iPads or Mac during a March event

If you're on the hunt for a new iPad or MacBook, you might not see a big event for the release

Apple iPad Pro M2
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According to respected Apple insider, Mark Gurman, there won't be a large event to launch new iPad and Mac models this month.

The range of devices on offer include large swathes of the brand's tablet and computing range, making the decision even more shocking.

Few brands in the world have the household name status of Apple. Popular devices like their iPhone have elevated them to become one of the most recognisable names globally.

There's a lot more to the brand than just phones, though. The iPad and MacBook ranges are equally revered, offering a complete ecosystem for users regardless of the setup they enjoy using.

If you're in the hunt for new models on those fronts, great news. A whole host are expected, even as soon as this month. But don't expect the pomp and circumstance of events like WWDC – in fact, these models may see no event at all.

That's according to respected Apple insider, Mark Gurman, in the latest version of his Power On newsletter. Gurman has attained quite the reputation when it comes to Apple insights, making his word as good as gospel on the subject.

According to his report, a whole range of new tech is expected in the near future. That includes a new iPad Pro, new iPad Air models including a 12.9-inch variant, plus more Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard options. On the Mac side of things, both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models are slated to see an upgrade to the new M3 chip. 

If all of that proves true, the lack of an event could be a rather shocking decision. Each of them individually may be too small to warrant, but that array of devices grouped together forms quite an impressive array of upgrades.

Regardless, if Gurman is to be believed, they won't arrive with much ceremony at all. Instead, the new devices are set to be unveiled with a series of videos posted online and attached marketing campaigns.

The good news, though, is that these are expected soon. With new software versions expected to arrive at the end of the month to support them, they could arrive before April comes around.

Of course, there is still one rather glaring omission there. Yes, there is no sign in Gurman's report of the long-awaited iPad Mini 7. The current iPad Mini is looking rather tired compared to the rest of the range, with lovers of the model eager to see an update soon.

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