New iPhone XS video: here's Apple's new iPhone from every angle

Days ahead of the official launch, Apple's new iPhone has just broken cover

new iPhone XS 2018 Samsung Galaxy X rival

Days ahead of Apple's official new iPhone launch event, which takes place September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater, a show-all video has emerged online that reveals the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus from every angle.

And, in news that is no doubt going to send shockwaves throughout the ranks of rival phone makers, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5-inch iPhone XS Plus look like stone-cold smartphone killers.

The new iPhone XS video can be watched in full below:

The stunning new iPhones in this video comes courtesy of tech industry designer Lee Gunho, who has envisioned Apple's new flagship based on an official leak reported  through Apple insider site 9to5Mac. This means that while the video itself is unofficial, how the new iPhones looks in it is based on real-world, official information.

And, when unveiled next Wednesday, if the new iPhones look this good then Samsung, Google and Huawei will no-doubt have cause for concern.

Huawei is about to launch its Mate 20 smartphone, while Google is building up to its own flagship launch, too, the Google Pixel 3.

Samsung, meanwhile, will have to think extra hard about how to finish its much-hyped 2019 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

We're now incredibly hyped see the official unveiling of the new iPhones and naturally will be covering their launch. As such, be sure to check back in to next Wednesday to watch the big launch and get the full picture.

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