New Galaxy Ultra S24 leak says your phone will feel very different

The Galaxy Ultra S24 launch date isn't far away, and more details about its display have just leaked

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra render
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 range is close to launch, and that means the trickle of Galaxy S24 Ultra rumours is starting to turn into more of a flood. The image above is a leaked render from the last set of rumours, and it suggests that the Galaxy S24 Ultra won't look dramatically different. However, another new leak suggests that it'll feel different.

That's because the display is apparently changing. While previous rumours suggested that the Galaxy S24 Ultra would be getting a completely flat display, that's apparently incorrect: a rumour posted on X and reported by SamMobile suggests that there will still be a "noticeable" curvature on the bezel of around 0.3 to 0.4mm. That's not a huge curve, but it means that while the Ultra will feel different in your hand it won't feel like it has sharp angles at the edge of the bezels. 

What do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Those top and bottom bezels are expected to be different to the current Ultra, with predicted sizes roughly half as big as the ones on the current model. That would make them the slimmest bezels on any of Samsung's flagship phones, although the left and right ones aren't expected to be resized. Previously leaked renders suggest a more angular overall design, with what appears to be either an aluminium or titanium frame running around the display. 

Camera and button positioning doesn't appear to have changed, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to include a storage slot for the S-Pen. As you'd expect, the connector/charging port will be USB-C.

Inside, the Ultra is expected to have an upgraded display, the latest cutting-edge chipsets from Qualcomm and Samsung (different territories get different chipsets) and some improved camera tech. We're also expecting some new colour options

We're expecting the Galaxy S24 Ultra and its siblings to be launched in January at the Unpacked event in California, which is scheduled for 17 January. That's not far away but it's still plenty of time for more details to leak, and if previous years are any indication we should get to know almost every detail of Samsung's forthcoming flagship well before launch day.

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